Chocolate Photo Frames
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Chocolate Photo Frames with Custom Images

Product Description

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these chocolate photo frames are worth a lot more than that. Custom order your very own Chocolate by Kim edible photo frame with the image of your choice. Great for celebrating that special someone at their birthday party, bat mitzvah, or bridal shower. A custom photo frame with edible chocolate image can be created to capture your guest of honor and let’s everyone know just how important you are. The image of your choice is printed with edible ink and can be added to your choice of cookies or chocolates. The frame is a truly unique chocolate creation and can be created in white or dark chocolate and embellished with edible sprinkles, crumbs, and even edible gold for the most lavish of designs.

A chocolate sure to impress anyone, the sky is the limit a wide selection of frame sizes and colors to choose from.  Almost too pretty to eat!



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